Golden, has explored a territory market in Hong Kong and has well-developed services to bring contentment to customers since its establishment in 1980’s. During these 20 years, we have developed to a domestic leader in the industry and have always stood by our customers. The raison d’être of Golden is embedded in her traditional gastronomy and services for more than 20 years that lay the basis for efficiency, high standard of quality and hygiene requirements.

Fish Saomei is her fleet flag product; with the best quality of shark filets are used, this product is renowned and long standing the leading position in the wellness industry. The commitment to produce a healthier and traditional Canton Dim Sum is our keen work. Reluctant use of chemical additives, preservatives, artificial color and flavors is our main theme. We relish the origin, natural taste derived from basic materials of food. A refusal to use of chemical additive and catalyst in food industry is our concept and goal.

Freshness, natural, healthy, hygiene and safety are our focus. We sophisticate use of natural flavorings to produce our products. Less grease, less salt and less sugar, to make use of natural seasoning ingredients such as, white pepper, Shezchuen pepper, cinnamon, anise, star aniseed, spice, garlic, lemon grass, dry orange peel, chives, dry shrimp, dry mushroom, ginger, green onion, soy sauce, almond and sesame oil, is our strength in gastronomy.

The management, the office and as well as the worksites are located in Hong Kong. Equipped with 10,000 square feet workshop and in consider of risk management, we do not operate any branch or co-operator in China. Golden is locally established and governed by the regulations and rules in Hong Kong.

Our vision has led us to achieve outstanding results in all our key products. We assure our ultimate Dim Sum can benefit to our customers’ need and can offer the most optimal pattern of life.

Five hygiene managers are employed in worksite, the individual managers perform duty in areas of raw material checking, production, packaging, storage and distribution. To enhance the food safety surveillance, all products are randomly picked and tested by independent food quality test center in Hong Kong. This procedure takes place about 20 times per year with any random product from our Company.
In order to maintain the freshness, Golden has set up a number of logistics vehicle fleet to provide the distribution. The distribution starts early in the morning 04:00 a.m. till late 19:00 p.m.
We are proud of our fellow workers and their abilities, they show efficiency and professional manner in operating to our satisfaction. Our close-loop management not only benefits in monitoring our workers but at the same time, our customers can enjoy our high quality and service with ultimate low price products.

Sustainable management has proven an effective way for leading company towards the success of business. It is our philosophy that invests the value of a company by ensuring compliances with societal norms and standards in all processes of management by translating moral values of ethics management and environmental management into core competitiveness of a company. Our mission is to compromise an eco-friendly company in traditional food industry.

For Golden, she takes the next level of success from being eco-friendly company to spreading eco-friendly messages throughout the communities. The plastic containers, wrap sheets and bags are tested and passed through the Europe Food Safety Standard examinations. Containers are food grade standard, heat tolerated (180’C), self-decomposed and free from toxin material. Moreover, all products are checked through by metal detector before delivery.
As a food handler we have a responsibility to protect the public ensuring the safe preparation and production of food.

Golden has taken steps to get to the next phase in her development. Our management’s top 5 priorities include: Concern for Customers, Concern for the Organization, Concern for hygiene, Concern for Work and Concern for self-commitment, so that substantial value can be added to the preservation of the company. As the philosophy of “Concern” signifies Golden engages in an endeavor to ensure a sustainable future for the company and beyond.

In 2006, Golden enlarged its business to go global with our first overseas business launching in the United States. Golden then expands to Malaysia, China, Thailand and Indonesia. Golden will modify its renowned product to meet the needs of different markets. The image and functions of products will also be adjusted for the different territories. After started business in major cities and global market, Golden still makes localization in its top priority.

As the wellness boom across the global village like a creative concept becomes a mega trend, Golden is preparing itself to emerge as a global well-being company, which helps shape our pioneering thinking. We are confident that in the near future, our products will be able to serve you wherever you are, and our strong resolution and unique competitiveness, will do its best to stand by you in building a better, more promising future.

Thank You